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***Protocol for Delays and Cancellations***

We’ve had calls about the protocol for determining if/when we call a delay or cancellation of school. We have a wind/temperature chart that I use and it uses the wind speed and air temperature to tell us when it's too dangerous for kids to be waiting on a bus. In general the cut-off is -20 windchill temperature. We also subscribe to a weather service to get accurate readings for our school area. The thing that the chart doesn't tell us is the road conditions. Those also play a part in the decision, so sometimes the wind chill may not have been as bad as today, but the roads were worse, so a delay was called. The third factor is the bulletins we get from the county commissioners, emergency management department, and/or the state police. Sometimes they have asked us not to go to school and so we delayed or canceled per their request. So you can see, there are multiple factors to get reviewed several times a day to determine what action needs to be taken. The area superintendents also discuss the decision together to make sure we're looking at everything. I hope this helps. I'd be happy to discuss this protocol with any parent.

Thank you.
Donna Burroughs,EdS
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