Easy Ways to Stay Physically Active

Exercise doesn’t have to be super intense or intimidating. The CDC recommends that teens receive

60 minutes of exercise a day, however, these 60 minutes can be achieved in many different ways throughout the day. Below are several fun and easy tips you can utilize to be physically active and get your heart pumping, while also having fun!

Stay Positive!

A positive attitude is key to a happy, active lifestyle! Find an exercise that you enjoy, whether that be dancing, hiking, walking your dog, shooting hoops with friends or bike riding. Engaging in activities that you like will make those minutes fly by!

Make Small Changes To Your Daily Routine

These can be simple changes that make a huge impact. Some examples are; skipping the bus and walking to school, if you drive to school - parking further out in the parking lot to gain more steps, taking the stairs instead of elevators/escalators, walking with friends (or your pet) after school and the list goes on. Be creative and make positive changes to your daily routine!

Aerobic Activities Are A Plus!

Additionally, throughout the week it is important to include aerobic activities as part of your exercise regime. The CDC recommends that aerobic exercise be incorporated three days a week.

Aerobic activities increase your heart rate and your fitness level while also burning body fat!

Some examples of aerobic activities include: basketball, running, swimming, and fitness classes

(Zumba, Full-Body Bootcamp, HIIT).

Strength Training Is Key

Aside from cardio-induced exercise, it is important to strengthen your muscles and get stronger as you continue to grow. The CDC recommends that muscle/strength training be integrated into your exercise routine three days a week. Examples of strength training are; sit-ups, push-ups, gymnastics, and weight lifting (if age appropriate).

By incorporating some of these simple tips into your lifestyle, and including 60 minutes of exercise into your daily routine, you too can lead a healthy, happy and active lifestyle!



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