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Five Ways to Get HEALTHY!
Heart health is very important at all stages of life. There are five easy ways you can get more heart healthy:
1. Get Physically Active!
 It is recommended that teens get 60 minutes of exercise a day. Several adolescents get intimidated by this number, but these minutes don’t have to be achieved all at once! Consider parking further out in the school lot, take the stairs, walk a family pet, whatever it may be to achieve those 60 minutes throughout the day!
2. Have A Healthy Diet
 The American Heart Association recommends a diet that consists of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats. It’s important to limit, better yet stay away from, sugar-dense beverages such as soda and high sodium snacks like chips. Tip: A fun way to challenge yourself is to have a total of four different colors on your plate of fruits and vegetables!
3. Maintain A Healthy Weight  
 Through implementing both physical active and a nutrition-rich diet, this step also gets achieved. Maintaining a healthy weight for your body type is very important in keeping your heart healthy.
4. No Smoking! 
 Smoking is a huge factor in poor heart health. Living a smoke-free lifestyle not only is healthy for your heart, it’s overall better for your body and prevents cancer and other diseases from occurring.
5. Receive Regular Check-Ups 
As a teen, it’s very important to get a doctor’s check-up yearly. This is not beneficial for heart health only, it is for your overall health as well. According to the National Institute of Health, teens should have their blood pressure checked once a year, cholesterol checked at least once in adolescence, and their blood sugar checked if Diabetes runs in their family 
 By implementing these five steps into your lifestyle, you’ll be living heart healthy!
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