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Say "No" To Alcohol!
Alcohol is a depressant, which means, it slows down your brain and can make you
very sad and lonely. Since your brain is still developing, alcohol can mess up the way
your brain fully develops. Many children think drinking is the “cool thing” to do,
however, alcohol has many negative side effects for adolescents that aren’t
so “cool.” Some of these side effects include:
  • Making you sick (vomiting and feeling dizzy)
  • Getting you in trouble with your teacher, parents and even possibly the police department
  • Can make you do embarrassing or bad things
  • Can hurt your brain and lungs

Alcohol can even cause worse problems such as death. It’s important to avoid the bad decision of using alcohol. Instead, make good decisions that will impact your future and make you healthy and successful! Be a role model to your friends and siblings and say “No” to alcohol.

Attachments Available To Download:
kch- ELEM - Say No to Alcohol.pdf