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Don't Be Another Statistic
Approximately 20% of 8th graders have reported they recently (within the past 30
days) have consumed alcohol. 20% of 8th graders have reported they have been
drunk at least once in their lifetime.
 There is a rise in alcohol consumption once students leave middle school and go
into high school. By the time of high school completion, 80% of teenagers have
consumed alcohol. 30% have reported they have been drunk in the past month.
29% have reported they have had five or more drinks in a row in the past two weeks.
Risks associated:
  •  Adolescents who consume alcohol are four times more likely to become alcohol dependent into adulthood.
  •  Alcohol consumption at a young age doubles the chances of a motor vehicle accident occurring.
  •  Youthful alcohol usage has been correlated with drug activity, risky behavior and date rape occurrences.

 Don’t be another statistic. If you’re feeling peer pressured, seek console from a trusted adult.

Attachments Available To Download:
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