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Welcome to Triton Schools
Located in Bourbon, Indiana, Triton is a class 1A
school corporation with 1,000 students in grades K-12. 
 February 16
 April 3
May 26
May 27
May 28 
Graduation May 31
We will be adding 45 minutes to the end of the days on Fridays from April 3 through May 22 (8 Fridays) to make-up one day of school.  This amounts to only 15 minutes more than our usual days of school on Monday - Thursday.  We just won't get out early on Fridays for the rest of this year after spring break.
 Triton is having a Fundraiser through the end of this school year!  Click below to support and buy.
Kindergarten Enrollment forms are now available online or in the Elementary office.  Click on the picture above to download the form.
Preschool is now Available in the schools!  Argos, Triton, and Culver have joined to provide a Preschool for area students.  It will be located on the Argos Campus.  Click the picture below for Preschool Enrollment form.
District News
War on Schools


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Harmony Access Help


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