Mission Statement

The mission of Triton Jr./Sr. High School's Counseling Program is to empower all students to reach their fullest potential by offering a comprehensive school counseling program to assist students in academics, career, social, and emotional development. As Counselors, we strive to help students become responsible, caring, literate, well-rounded students who will become college and or career ready along with being productive members of society. 

We hope that students and parents will find this site helpful in accessing the latest college, career, and social/emotional information that is relevant to our students here at Triton. If you would like to access the High School's webpage which has specific need-to-know information about colleges, SAT/ACT testing, and scholarships, please click on the "High School" link on the left-hand side of this page.  


If you have been bullied or have witnessed bullying at Triton, you can submit an anonymous bullying report to one of our Counselors.

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To submit a report, click here.

Meet the Guidance Staff

Mrs. Sarrah Arvesen
Guidance Counselor, Grades 10-12

Mrs. Ashli Faulkner
Guidance Counselor, Grades 7-9

Mrs. Kim Stetzel
Guidance Secretary