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Triton School Corporation

Bourbon, Indiana

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Triton Elementary

The staff at Triton Elementary is dedicated to the development and highest potential of each student. Each day brings new opportunities for our students as we create a positive environment to encourage success.
Triton Elementary

Triton Jr/Sr High

The students at Triton Jr/Sr High are empowered to become well-rounded individuals who care about their community and are motivated to become responsible young adults.
Triton Jr/Sr High

Triton Athletics

We truly believe that athletics are an integral part of the educational program here at the Triton School Corporation. Together the athletic staff, students, and community work hard to keep our traditions alive.
Triton Athletics

Triton Class of 2023 Graduation

All About Triton

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Our Message

We at Triton School Corporation build relationships first, then provide outstanding instruction for reaching students' maximum potential. Our core values include: Continuous Improvement, Shared Leadership, Evidence Based Decision Making, High Expectations, and Social Responsibility. It is our desire for Triton School Corporation to be a lighthouse in the community by offering a safe learning environment for students of Bourbon, Etna Green, Tippecanoe, and surrounding communities. It is my goal at Triton to instill a sense of PRIDE in our school, community, and work ethic that will represent Triton in a positive light.

Jeremy K. Riffle, Superintendent

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